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Virginia Railway Express Fredericksburg Train Station.
  • Virginia Railway Express Fredericksburg Train StationThe train station in Fredericksburg, Virginia was originally constructed in 1910 by the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac Railroad (RF&P Railroad) to serve rail passengers in the Fredericksburg region and is situated between Princess Anne and Caroline Streets. In 1927 the two tracks and associated passenger platforms serving the station were elevated to eliminate the at-grade street crossings and greatly improve safety between train and vehicular traffic.

The general intent of the renovation project was to address delaminated concrete at the underside of the elevated track and platform structure, repair and improve storm water drainage systems incorporated throughout the station, and restore the surface of the west platform. The project also implemented certain architectural and security enhancements, including cleaning, repairing and restoration of the façades, replacement of canopy glass panels, and supplemental lighting below the elevated structure. An ornamental fence (wrought iron type) was installed to limit access to certain areas under the structure and improve overall security. The western platform was completely restored to a new surface. The project was performed while maintaining passenger and freight train service through the station at all times. The project also maintained the integrity of the overall aesthetics of the historic structure. In general, the renovation project brought the station platform back to its original 1927 luster and brilliance.

Virginia Regional Transit, Culpeper, Virginia

  • VRT is a newly constructed two story facility that housed numerous office spaces, complete kitchen, break rooms for the employees and a conference room also used for training. The second floor was constructed for storage purposes with wall to wall shelving. The landscaping and electronic fencing that was added made the VRT building a safe place for the employees to work. Electronic gates were installed so that the employees with the key code were the only people allowed to the back of the building, it is one way in and one way out, there was a second electronic gate installed at the rear of the building all for safety. Cameras were installed all around the outside and inside of the building for added safety to the VRT employees.

Westmoreland State Park Visitor Center

  • Westmoreland State Park Visitor CenterWestmoreland State Park Visitor Center was an experience that Trinity Construction Group, Inc. treasured. This is a beautiful building that is being used for the parks visitor center, and administrated offices. This visitor center sets on the edge of the river with a sensational view. This project was a LEED project and the building received a LEED GOLD CERTIFICATION recognizing the project for the use of environmentally sensitive practices and materials during construction. Signs throughout the building explain the "green efforts" undertaken in the construction of the 4,000 square-foot facility. There are four others visitor centers constructed by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation to receive Leed certification, but the Westmoreland State Park is the first to achieve GOLD LEED CERTIFICATION.

Stafford High School Girls Softball Field

  • Stafford High School Girls Softball FieldTrinity Construction Group provided Stafford County High School with a new girl's softball field. Given that players were playing in standing water, the existing field was excavated to create an even playing field and a new drainage system that allows water to run off the field. Bermuda grass was planted and new fencing around the field was installed. A laminated electronic scoreboard, a two story press box, sunken dugouts for the players, easily accessible restrooms for the parents and students that attend the games and a new concession stand were also constructed creating a useful and convenient space to host the games.
University of Mary Washington
County of Spotsylvania, Loriella Park


McClain and Co, Inc. Headquarters, Culpeper, VA

  • McClain and Co. required an addition to its corporate office due to company growth over the past five years.


Trinity Bible Church

  • Trinity Bible ChurchTrinity Bible Church was a newly constructed 12,000 square foot facility with a new sanctuary and classrooms to teach Gods word.

Hebron Church