At Trinity Construction Group LLC, we judge our success by our client's level of satisfaction with the project from start to finish. From the conception stage, to the planning and design phase, through the construction process and continuing to the end of the warranty period, Trinity Construction Group is committed to working together with our client to reach the established goals. Our ultimate objective is to create and maintain a long-term relationship with our clients far beyond the completion of the project.



  • Begins with a meeting between client and Trinity
  • Identify any special needs or requirements of the client
  • Trinity has the opportunity to present their credentials as an experienced and financially solid company
  • Trinity uses data gathered during the meeting to prepare a preliminary budget for the client's use

Planning and Design:

  • Trinity will work closely with the design team by providing construction input to benefit the project.
  • If an architect has not been selected, Trinity can recommend various architectural firms in the area that have expertise with local building requirements.
  • By working as a team, we can provide a design that is functional and aesthetically appealing while incorporating construction methods and procedures that meet the client's expectations.
  • Trinity will actively solicit competitive proposals from qualified subcontractors and material suppliers to provide the client with a cost effective and reliable proposal.

Construction Process:

  • A project manager and a project supervisor will be assigned to the job. The project manager will work closely with the client to develop project timelines.
  • Coordination of the field activities and the client will be handled by the project supervisor and coordinate and communicate all interaction between the field activities and the client.
  • The project supervisor will coordinate the daily construction activities and ensuring the work is competed in a timely manner while maintaining the quality level of workmanship associated with a Trinity project.


  • After the keys are handed over, Trinity continues to maintain the relationship that developed over the course of the project.
  • Each project completed by Trinity has a 12 month warranty period included in the contract agreement.
  • If and when a warranty issue is identified, Trinity will address the concern and ensure a prompt resolution. 
Through this process it is our belief that a professional relationship is forged and it should extend for many years to come. Trinity's staff welcomes the opportunity to stay in contact with our clients and provide future expertise and services.